Scholarships for our current students

The vast majority of the students attending BSEC would not graduate high school if they remained at home.  The environment in their homes and neighborhoods does not encourage them to invest in their studies and strive to succeed at school.

Over and above the participation of various government offices, the cost of tuition, room and board at BSEC is $5,300 per year, including three full meals every day, periodic outings including camping and hiking trips, and evening activities. While we expect every family to participate at some level to defray these costs, very few are able to cover even 25% of the cost involved.  Therefore almost all of the students who attend BSEC are in need of scholarships.

We ask you to consider supporting one or more students with a most generous donation of $5,300 per student. We are very careful not to make any of the boys feel that they are “in need” of financial support. One of our main goals is to build their self-confidence and ambition to work towards a better life and to strive for excellence. Therefore on principle we do not assign the support of a specific student to a particular donor.

Please help us make this unique educational experience available for more and more students. Your contribution to the Rabbi Avi Burstein Scholarship Fund will provide varying levels of financial scholarships to allow socially and economically disadvantaged boys to attend the specialized education program of BSEC.

Grants for our graduates

The Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Hartman Hesder Scholarship Fund financially supports BSEC graduates to attend Hesder Yeshivot programs, combining Torah studies with military service in the Israel Defense Forces. An average of 30 students annually receive a partial scholarship that supports them through the 5 year program – allowing the students to fulfill the ideal of full and active participation in the defense of the Israeli people, while still engaging in intense Torah study during their formative years.

Scholarships for Higher Education: In order to help these young adults continue on to higher education institutions, BSEC provides them with financial scholarships. Thanks to the generous help of private donors all Bet Shemesh graduates who are admitted to an accredited college or university have access to financial scholarships.