Naming Opportunities

The Bet Shemesh Educational Center is pleased to announce naming opportunities available in its two brand new dormitory wings, accommodating 50 additional at-risk students and two counselors, and in a new three-story educational building to be constructed across from the new dormitory wings.

  • Dormitory Floor $500,000 – The new dormitory floor allows the Center to reach an additional 50 at-risk boys and give them the opportunity to learn in a supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Dormitory Wings $200,000 – Each wing in the new dormitory provides the children with a common area to socialize and relax from their studies outside their rooms.
  • Dormitory Room, $50,000 each– Students of BSEC often come from depressed, abusive household that greatly inhibited their ability to succeed socially and academically. As on-campus residents, the boys receive a safe home and are part of a dependable, family unit that supports them in exploring their true academic and recreational interests.
  • Classroom, $50,000 each – The new classrooms will have be equipped with the latest technology to hold the attention of the students.
  • Therapy room and outdoor terraces, $50,000 each – The children will enjoy break time on outdoor terraces with stunning views overlooking the Judean mountains, while participating in therapy sessions in an adjacent state-of-the-art therapy room.
  • Study Hall, $250,000– This new study hall will have 150 seats and a computer room so that the boys have an additional quiet space for their studies.
  • Mezuzot, $5,000 each– A beautifully crafted mezuzah is affixed to every doorpost in the Weston Dormitory. This is an ideal opportunity to add your name to one of these ancient symbols of Judaism.

This is a sample of the many naming opportunities that are available. For more information, please contact our Director of Development, Yechiel Marcus, at: .