The mission of the Bet Shemesh Educational Center is to give disadvantaged teen-age boys a “second chance” at academic and social success by providing them with a first-class education, enrichment programming, guidance, support, and a place to call “home.” Ultimately, the BSEC helps the children become productive citizens who serve their families, communities and the State of Israel with dignity and pride.


The Bet Shemesh Educational Center will successfully help at-risk boys overcome their lives’ hardest tribulations and see them grow into healthy, educated and productive adults. Graduates will:

  • Pass their matriculation exams
  • Serve in the Israeli Defense Force or other national service
  • Continue on to attain higher education or learn in a yeshiva setting
  • Build healthy relationships with family, friends, and colleagues
  • Remain connected to the Bet Shemesh Educational Center and serve as role models to current students


The Bet Shemesh Educational Center believes that every child has the potential to overcome life’s difficulties and succeed – given the appropriate holistic, educational, and social support coupled with access to necessary resources.


The Bet Shemesh Educational Center (BSEC) was established in 1986 to provide a residential school for students who could no longer remain at home. At the beginning, the junior and senior high boarding school for boys had only 16 students and the barest of essentials. Committed to helping improve the lives of these disadvantaged children BSEC quickly raised its academic standards and began providing holistic care to help provide every resident with a warm and encouraging environment. Today the Center can board over 300 children from some of the most destitute areas in Israel.